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We Are the Leading Experts in Aviation Data and Analysis

With over sixty years of experience, Visual Approach is the expert in combined aircraft and airline market experience. From operations, to passenger and cargo network planning, to aircraft market forecasting, Visual Approach is the leading expert.

We provide confidential research to aircraft lessors, investors, hedge funds, private equity groups, O&Ms, and airlines. Acknowledged in the industry for leading analysis and visualization techniques to not only find new insights, but communicate the fundamental understanding.

We find and communicate new ideas where the aircraft market meets the airline networks.


Combine advanced data analysis and machine learning techniques with petabytes of unique datasets.


Overlay decades of industry experience, nuance, and perspective to see the larger picture.


Know what your competition knows, then lead beyond with expertise and a clear path forward.

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Our market insights and research are backed by comprehensive data analysis and visualizations. Whether you are an individual looking for objective analyses of commercial aviation, or an organization looking for an edge in immediate and in-depth research, our subscription options have been designed to accommodate.