AT – Insights

AT-Insights provides the U.S. airline passenger and traffic information, ahead of reporting.  We use multiple data sources, including hourly TSA screenings, historical traffic, domestic and international fair share calculations, customer demand, and airline schedules to model airline traffic and competitive market share.  Through our machine learning model, AT-Insights provides:

  • Prediction of quarterly traffic ahead of earnings,
  • Insights on U.S. airlines prime for earnings traffic surprises, and those who may disappoint
  • Daily and quarterly tracker of passenger traffic, compared with prior quarter’s performance

For Investors

Keep ahead of expected traffic levels before earnings

  • Weekly airline updates
  • All eleven major U.S. airlines tracked
  • Track quarterly capacity and passenger traffic vs 2019
  • Quarterly performance tracker to predict quarter-end traffic

Track airline competitive market share as it unfolds

  • Market share comparisons vs 2019
  • Identify airlines leading the recovery with increased market share
  • Updated weekly

Identify Geographic Hot-Spots

  • Stay ahead of where the recovery is happening… and where it is not
  • Geographic presence has been the top indicator of airline recovery
  • Follow airport-level trends, updated weekly
  • Covers all U.S. states and territories

A sample AT-Insights Weekly report can be downloaded at the link below:

Pre-Earnings Traffic Expectations

  • Receive quarterly predictions of traffic expectations prior to earnings announcements
  • Published first week of new quarter
  • Visual Approach custom machine learning model applied to historical demand, capacity, market share, and fair share data

Back-tested Results

The model has been put through rigorous back-testing and continues to improve as it learns how the airlines and passengers behave. Through the worst down-turn in aviation history, AT-Insights accurately predicted the quarters traffic within 3.3% of reported results, weeks before earnings.

View our detailed back-testing results for each airline:

Purchase AT-Insights Weekly or the Quarterly Expectations separately

*All AT-Insights Weekly subscriptions include access to the Quarterly Expectations

Access to Detailed Data and Custom Analysis

AT-Insights data extends far deeper than the weekly offering. We have collected passenger traffic available to drill down to the airport-level, by checkpoint, by hour since January 1, 2019. This data makes possible competitive market share analysis, day-of-week and hourly passenger demand, etc. Useful for airlines and airports alike to determine potential new service, competitive response, and stimulation expectations. I

f you have questions or would like to discuss corporate subscriptions or direct access to the data, please contact us.