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TSA recovery day-of-week variance

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TSA recovery day-of-week varianceOur latest analysis published in The Air Current this week looks at the U.S. travel recovery, and in particular, the business traveler recovery. 

The recent TAC Analysis follows not only the recovery of U.S. passengers but also the day-of-week variance. Since this chart compares the same day of the week of 2019, the peaks and valleys you are seeing are actually higher than experienced in 2019.

That means weekends are recovering faster than weekdays. Makes sense, knowing how leisure-focused the recovery has been. Only, weekdays are starting to reduce the variance. Since this is happening with growth, the signs are very positive.

The detailed analysis dives deeper into the recovery, showing how business and international demand are at their highest, while leisure shows signs of relieving the pent-up demand.

Further to the excitement is the new design of the pdf version of the analysis, available as part of the new TAC Pro offering for corporations.


You can also purchase the pdf report itself for $99 at The Air Current.


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