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Southwest's Unique Time Zone Challenge

Southwest started selling flights to Hawaii from Oakland and San Jose last month, with much fanfare. The $49 fares did not last long as the hawk-eyed future vacationers snatched up tickets quickly. Only, Hawaii on Southwest was not available for all hawk-eyed vacationers, particularly those in the Midwest or East Coast. As discussed in this USA Today article, passengers east of the middle of the country could find flights to Hawaii, but there were no available flights from Hawaii. This created a frustrating one-way situation that the traveling public is not used to seeing. As industry readers are aware, this is entirely due to Southwest’s lack of red-eye flights. While not a new limitation for the airline, stretching the three additional time zones to Hawaii does expose their potential customers to unique frustrations. You can get to Hawaii, but you can’t get back. This week, we look at why this […]