Mapping Growth in the Metroplex

DFW Population Growth 2013-2017

A quick map this week showing some of the work we are doing combining census data with market sizes. The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area has been growing rapidly. Anyone who dodges new road orange barrels while counting tower cranes in north Dallas can tell you; things are growing.

In a city served by multiple airports, it becomes important which airport has the better access to the growing areas. As a quick example, we’ve shared one map we looked at comparing population growth over time by zip code.

Of course the true value of being able to drive meaningful analysis is to combine this data with various sources. This is what we are in the process of exploring.

For now, however, enjoy the single-dimesional map of population grown in the DFW area. As always, if this sparks an idea, let us know. Chances are good we join you down the rabbit hole.

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Michael Foulkes
Michael Foulkes
2 years ago

Travel time to the airport with traffic taken into account would be important in evaluating airport access, although I’m not sure how you’d quantify that for areas as large as an entire zip code. Time of day could be an additional dimension if you can solve the first part.