Q2 Earnings in a Picture – As Fuel Costs Rise, It’s Still All About the Revenues

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Continuing on with new ways of visualizing earnings information, this week’s charts focus on understanding how detailed earnings line items have changed year-over-year.  Starting from Q2 2017 net income, we can track each individual line item of the income statement and how that impacted the net income for Q2 2018.  The result provides a unique…

Quarterly Earnings Visualized

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  (All numbers in millions USD) Four times a year we are bombarded with numbers as companies report their earnings.  Through this onslaught of numbers, it is not difficult to find the relevant information on how an airline performed in that quarter.  Taking a visual approach to earnings provides a different perspective. This week we…

Visualizing the History of Airshow Orders by Day

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The Farnborough airshow begins next week, and the usual flurry of orders is certain to begin.  This week, we look at the Paris and Farnborough airshow order announcements by day over the past 20 years. In general, the order volumes at airshows have increased over the past two decades.  The years following 2001 were understandably…

Using Cargo to Forecast Passenger Traffic Growth

Can boxes predict butts?
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One of the major challenges in the airline industry is forecasting demand.  New aircraft typically require orders to be placed years ahead of delivery.  Aircraft heavy maintenance schedules are set years out, which largely determines a retirement schedule.  As a result, the ability to forecast capacity requirements years into the future is key to not…

Visualizing the U.S. Fleet Over Time

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The U.S. Fleet has changed significantly over the past 17 years. Using the free VisualApproach.io data explorer, we can watch the fleet change over the years with the help of animated charts. As the McDonnell Douglas fleet slowly goes away, the landscape has become dominated by four players: Bombardier and Embraer with regional aircraft, and…

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