Bienvenue dans les cieux, Canada

Aviation's Week in Charts

Canada travelers vs United States TSA screenings

Welcome back to the skies, Canada

Canada just hit a new post-pandemic record, screening over 50,000 travelers during the holiday weekend.  This brings the country to a weekly average of 22% of same day-of-week July 2019 numbers.  The recent spike, even if still down levels not before experienced before the pandemic, is indicative of the high levels of pent-up demand expected across the world.

Traffic recovers, premium economy, and American runs out of pilots

Aviation's Week in Charts - June 23, 2021

Visual Approach Analytics US Traffic Forecast Update

Revisiting our original 2021 forecast from October, the U.S. air traffic rebound has exceeded even our expectations. Our decision tree modeling was used to determine the proceeding 14 months at a time when the pandemic was barely six months old. Still underestimating the actual recovery, the consensus drawn from this forecast has proven to be the closest approximation published.